Tungsten Ore Processing

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Tungsten ore, also known as Wolfram, lapis ponderosus or Heavy Stone, has highest melting point of all elements except carbon - sources in scientific literature vary between 3387°C and 3422°C. It also has also excellent high temperature mechanical properties and the lowest expansion coefficient of all metals. A temperature of about 5700°C is needed to bring tungsten to boil - which corresponds approximately to the temperature of the sun's surface. With a density of 19.25 g/cm3, tungsten is also among the heaviest metals. Its electrical conductivity at 0°C is about 28% of that of silver which itself has the highest conductivity of all metals.

Tungsten ore occurs in the natural state only in the form of chemical compounds with other elements. Although more than twenty tungsten bearing minerals are known, only two of them are important for industrial use, namely wolframite and scheelite.All tungsten ore processing deposits are of magmatic or hydrothermal origin. During cooling of the magma, differential crystallization occurs, and scheelite and wolframite are often found in veins where the magma has penetrated cracks in the earth's crust. Most of the tungsten deposits are in younger mountain belts, i.e. the Alps, the Himalayas and the circum Pacific belt.

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