Tungsten Ore Smuggling

Ttungsten ore Picture

On the Phenomenon of Tungsten Ore Smuggling during the Republican Period

Tungsten ore smuggling, a special kind of illegal trade with great influence, is an important topic in the study of the problem of smuggling during the Republican period. The phenomenon of tungsten ore smuggling existed throughout most of the Republican period in company with dramatic changes in the international situation and the evolution of the tungsten ore policies of the Nationalist Government. Compared with other kinds of smuggling in the period, tungsten ore smuggling had the following special characteristics: it took many forms; its sources, destinations and transportation routes followed certain patterns; its popularity was the result of the Nationalist Government's policy to control tungsten; it was entirely harmful to China. In short, the topic is significant for us in understanding the society of Republican China from a number of angles, and in probing the social characteristics and political behavior of China over the past hundred years.

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